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Zombies!!! Core set 2nd Ed Directors cut (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

Zombies!!! Core set 2nd Ed Directors cut (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

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Apocalypse Zombie Core Set is a miniature skirmish game set in the zombie apocalypse. The outbreak has spread throughout the world while many people thought it was a hoax. Before the world realized that it was indeed happening it was too late.

In Apocalypse Zombie you have two ways to play. First is quick battles that allow you to choose a character, select a mission, set up, and play. It is a fast, fun, and bloody intro into the game. The second is the campaign. In campaign mode, you are tasked with performing missions to gather supplies, rescue survivors, upgrade home base and kill boss zombies. Campaigns can last as long as you want. With 14 Missions each with variable set up and more coming the carnage can be long lasting or short and sweet. You can “win” just by killing the Butcher Zombie and saying you have settled the area enough to prosper. Or you can trudge the blood to new bosses, new buildings, and increase the scope of the world. You may use either pre- made characters for fast entry into the unforgiving world. Or you can create your own character to level and guide through the world.

Apocalypse Zombie is played with a player turn followed by the zombie turn. Zombies are pretty much automated - reacting to sight or sound. This allows for all players to be on the same side and fight and die together. Apocalypse Zombie does have options for those more combative players that bring player vs player into the game. Zombie Abilities can hinder or severely damage your attempts to survive. Players have the choice of being sneaky or going in guns blazing. It really depends on your play style.

Combat is done with rolling attack dice to see if you hit. Defense works the same way. Hit Points are tracked with Heart Tokens.

Searching is done the same way. Each building has its own search deck in Zombie Apocalypse. So searching the Clinic will give you different results then searching the Cabin.

So how about those Zombies? Well the first boss, the one that comes in the core set, is the Butcher. He is big ugly and hard to kill. You must face him in the Butcher Shop. Players should not attempt this until they are truly prepared. Along with the Butcher you get 18 Shamblers. Slow, pesky zombies that can put your survivors in a bind. Next you get 6 Brute Zombies. These big boys will ruin your day real quick.

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