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Wild West Exodus: 2nd Edition Rules & Gubbins Set (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

Wild West Exodus: 2nd Edition Rules & Gubbins Set (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

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Wild West Exodus is a dynamic, fast-paced semi-skirmish game pitting a cast of brutal characters against each other in a world very much like our own, but twisted by the forces of deepest evil. Characters in Wild West Exodus are balanced upon the edge of a knife, a horrible death waiting patiently on either side. They move swiftly across the table, they fight with frightening speed and lethal skill, and they die abruptly.

An advanced D10 system is coupled with an innovative Influence mechanic to simulate the powers of the Dark Council upon their unwitting pawns. Players must choose how they will gamble with the power of their patrons: spread the Influence throughout a turn, hoping to ease destiny onto a brighter path, or hold the influence, to be entirely cast upon one roll of the dice?

Wild West Exodus is a 35mm steampunk miniatures game set in the Wild West of America and is an action packed game of gunslingers, lawmen, outlaws, mad scientists, aliens and more!

This smart boxed set includes a rulebook, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks. It is an ideal accompaniment to any Posse set and is perfect for giving you all the accessories and the rules so you can get playing straight away.


1`x Rulebook

4 x 10 Sided Dice

1 x Action Cards (48 card deck)

1 x Adventure Card (60 card deck)

1 x Blast and Torrent Template 

30 x Condition Tokens (6 of each)

1 x Eight Inch Ruler

This is for a 2nd Edition WEX9901099001

Made by Warcradle Studios

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