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So You've been Eaten (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

So You've been Eaten (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

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Don't worry, this is simply an occupational hazard.
In So, You've Been Eaten., a Miner collects crytals from inside the stomach of a giant space Beast. The Beast digest the Miner, using Bacteria and Immune Responses. It includes an asymmetric 2-player experience and two different solo modes, as well as a 0-player mode, where the game's Artificial Intelligences play each other. Designed by Scott Almes and illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya.


Hand management
Set collection
Variable player powers
Dice rolling
Action points

Game Contents:

2 double-sided boards
92 cards
16 cardboard tokens
3 custom D6 dice
8 custom-shaped printed acrylic tokens
4 custom-shaped printed wooden tokens

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