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Shadowrun RPG: Better Than Bad (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

Shadowrun RPG: Better Than Bad (*See Per Order Flat Rate Shipping)

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Shadowrunners aren’t made to be heroes—they mainly exist to get jobs done and get paid. To some, though, that’s not enough. They see plenty of wrong with the world, and they want to try to make some things right. Better than Bad is a Deep Shadows book for players and gamemasters involved in hooding (as in Robin Hood), using their work to bring some help to people who need it. The book provides plot hooks, advice, techniques, and other resources for teams that want to bring a little light into their game while they see if they can beat the odds and rise to the level of hero.

  • Includes details on Pretoria, a setting that has never been detailed on this level in the Sixth World, presenting exciting new opportunities for players.

  • Updates plots with information about how players can do more than just react to events—they can take a role in fighting for right.

  • Provides character options for players who want to see how well they can be heroes in the shadows.

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